When you take courage to look at yourself as you really are, when you learn to accept yourself as imperfect human being and in continuous development, and admit your responsibility over your own life, your actions and your thoughts, you automatically access your personal power.

Then you realize you can envision the life you want and can also choose what you want. Then you know for sure you can take actions to fulfill it and you have the confidence and the certainty you are able to make it real.

– Ivone Herrera

How can I help you


Find your Purpose &
Set Goals and Achieve them

Maybe you knew your way, but strong changes happened in your life and left you confused? You don’t know who you are or where are you going?

Define your values and priorities, appreciate yourself and find your purpose!

The options are endless, you just have to learn to look at them from new perspectives.


Use your Emotions as a Guide

Do you have a bunch of emotions and don’t know where are they coming from? or what to do with them? Learn to know yourself better and to interpret your emotions in order to achieve whatever you want.


Clear your Self-doubts &
Overcome your Limiting Beliefs

Sometimes you hear a voice telling you could achieve anything in your life and the next moment another voice telling “you are not good enough”?

Learn strategies to overcome your limiting beliefs and to move forward despite your doubts!
Make your mind work for you!


Develop your potential & Use it

As a human being you have unlimited potential, although for personal, social and cultural reasons that potential may be blocked. Work with me to access that potential and use it to revolutionize your current situation and guide your life to a greater well-being.


Raise your Self-esteem & Confidence

Are you unsure of your own value? or what you are capable of achieving? Do you lack confidence and security?

Switch from doubts and immobility to confidence and action.
Find within yourself the resources you need to achieve whatever you want.


During our sessions we are going to:

  • ✔  Assess how you feel in different areas of your life and describe what would you like to change or improve.
  • ✔  Get to know yourself better and learn how to use it to your advantage.
  • ✔  Use coaching strategies to determine: Where are you right now? What do you want to achieve? And where are you going to start?
  • ✔  Define your goals so they are realistic and achievable.
  • ✔  Overcome doubts and fears that prevent you from getting started.
  • ✔  Start taking action immediately!
  • ✔  Establish check points to ensure that you are moving toward your goals.
I am Ivone Herrera and
I want to help you to unlock that potential you keep within
so that you can create the life you want.

Ready to claim back your personal POWER?

Give yourself the OPPORTUNITY and let me guide you through a short trek of your personal journey.


Natalia A.
Natalia AliArtist

It was a blast working with Ivone! At the beginning I was skeptical about the idea of a life coach but when I finally came to her for advice I changed my mind completely.
I highly recommend working with her, she is structured, emphatic, emotional, knows when to ask the right questions.
The answer is within you, and she helps you find it out.
I liked the assignments she gave me, those simple but yet complicated questions make you dig within yourself for answers, helps you see things in a different light.
It’s very important to be willing to work for it and work with her, to accept change, be open and honest with yourself.
It’s not an easy process, but it’s a very important one if you’re hoping to change.
For me, a slightly depressive person that had a life crisis it was a challenge, and many things were right there and I didn’t see them. I’m very thankful to Ivone for opening my eyes and helping me through this long and important process.

German M.
German M.Engineer

The coaching with Ivone has been simply constructive and decisive.
Good timing, flexibility and finally
a solid and satisfactory orientation which I believe is the main strength of this coaching.
This coaching has helped me to clearly define my professional goals and has allowed me to enter a reflexive stage that for many reasons I wasn’t giving me the chance.

I am sure that I for the future decisions I will have better basis and arguments to achieve what I want and need professionally and personally.

I highly recommend it!

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