As a mentor I want to work with people that is willing to commit to do the tough work necessary for personal development and to break all those personal limiting believes.

I want to work with people who want something better for their lives, even if they still don’t know what or how to get there. If you are ready to commit we will figure it out the “how?” along the way! That is the purpose of these sessions.

I know, it may sounds overwhelming and scary, but I asure you that I am here to hold your back, to encourage you and support you in this challenging and fulfilling (inner) journey of self discovery.

If you say you are ready, I can tell you will find within yourself much more courage, trust, confidence and power that what you had believed until now.

Do you want a better life for you? Do you want to feel capable of achieving it?

Are you ready to commit and start working?

Then you tell me: Are you ready?

In order to make the best of our time together all that I ask from you is:

✔  To be Open Minded, meaning that you will be willing to look at your life from a different perspective which may ask you to challenge some of your well stablished ideas and believes about yourself, people, your relationships, your career, your life in general. Don’t worry, an open mind contains more that enough space to hold better options and to develop.

✔  Humility. Humility to accept that some of your attitudes, beliefs and decisions may have not been so wise so far. And that’s fine!, completely normal, it happen to everyone! Some of them may need to be tuned.

✔  Courage to recognise that mistakes have been done. Sometimes its not so easy to accept that! You will need to learn to from those mistakes in order to take wiser decisions next time.

✔  You need to be Committed to your process. I will ask you to do some reflexions, inner-work or exercises. They may be very simple but challenging at the same time, and in order to take advantage of our time together I expect you to work it out before the next session.

That’s it!  Simple, eh?….. but not so easy, I know!!

I believe that reciprocity and cooperation, and I know that you too!

I will share with you strategies, tips and tricks from Life-Coaching, as well as some personal experiences that may be practical for you.

I am looking forward to be able to help more people in more effective ways, for this reason I will rely on you to give me your honest feedback, so we can find strategies better suited for your style.

And I will also need from you to recommend me with someone that you think may be looking forward to have this powerful conversations and who is ready to commit.

I am looking forward to help the people that most need this sessions.

I am aware that because of this COVID-19 global situation, the emotional and economical situation of many may not be optimal. Because of that I have decided that, if you are really interested just contact me and we can reach and arrangement regarding the price of the sessions.

This opportunity will not last forever!
Be aware that coaching sessions price starts from 60 Euros.

If you are ready for this process, this is your moment! Do it right now: contact me.

Yes, sure! Even if the language I use in my website is focused in women I also have worked with men and I am ready to work with them if they are ready to commit and work with me.

Then contact me so we can find it out!

Asking cost nothing and may mean a huge difference in your life and well being!